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Dovia Home Textile Co., Ltd. has been processing and supplying the finest quality Duck and Goose Down and Feather products for the international market .

Dovia Home is a company dedicated to quality, flexibility, and above all customer satisfaction. We pledge to our customers an unconditional commitment to service and excellence. Dovia Home is a flexible manufacturer, able to satisfy constant market demand through the production of a broad range of products.

· Office now in China

· Own manufacturing in China

· Complete manufacturing control: Feather & Down processing, grading as well as sewing

· Internal and external quality assurance processes, our laboratory meets the International Down and Feather Laboratory testing standards.

· High quality products backed by the highest warranties

· Continued Hospitality leadership

· Extensive product range

· Hypo allergenic & asthma friendly products

· Comply with Oeko-tex standard 100. Custom made manufacturing(sizes, fill and fabric)

· Expert in-house cleaning duvets and pillows

· Product service and rejuvenation